Self, Meet Self – The Healthy Version

You are so much more than any symptom, any disease, any illness or any dysfunction.

Yes, YOU.

Beyond anything that might be wrong right now in your body, there is so much more that is right!

This is true no matter what challenges you might be struggling with currently, what illness you “have,” or what hurts. I’m going to teach you how to get back to health, simply and directly.

Sometimes that takes learning what NOT to do – what NOT to take – as much as it takes learning what to DO or to take.

I am going to show you how to unleash your body’s own wisdom and its capability to return to health and restore itself.

Within you right now exists the healthy you, that you have dreamed of becoming again, or maybe for the very first time ever.

What does that mean?

I mean that right now, your body is capable of creating health rather than disease.

Not only is it capable of doing so, but it is desperate to do so. It HUNGERS for health.

Your body is designed to create health quickly and continually. It actually creates disease slowly, reluctantly, and against its actual design.

But what if you are currently hurting-ill-tired-overweight-diagnosed-discouraged? 

Is there a way to get back to this naturally intended process, instead of suffering through a bunch of symptoms, problems, illnesses? To get back to – or get to for the very first time – that vibrant version of yourself that lives joyfully, energetically, without pain, bloat, overweight, brain fog, fatigue and despair?


In a word, YES.

No matter what you’ve been told or what you’ve been sold, I want you to know and believe that there is HOPE to create health. And by health, I don’t mean just absence of disease. I mean that kind of health that gets you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited to live another joyful day, happy to make plans and know that your body will not prevent you from achieving them.

 I want to share with you what I know. What I have dedicated thousands of hours with mentors and master teachers over the 3+ decades of my practice to learn. And…what my patients and clients have taught me over all these years. I want to teach you how to satisfy what I call your “Hungers of Health.”

Beyond, beneath and above the sick version of the modern human, I want to introduce you to that beautiful healthy YOU that is not only possible, but is ever-so-patiently waiting for you right now!

Stay tuned – over the next few blog posts… I am going to teach you exactly what I’m talking about, and give you actionable steps that you can take IMMEDIATELY to get healthy and stay healthy, no matter what your starting point might be. This is my passion, my mission, and my gift to you: stay with me as I show you what’s possible and I teach you how to get there.

What are the Hungers of Health and how should you satisfy them?

 Stay tuned for the next blog post – we start with the first hunger of health…AIR. 

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